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Combrig Model Warships

Combrig is the largest producer of models of Russian warships in the world. The list of models produced by the company, spans the entire history of the Russian steel navy. Ship models cover 125 years of Russian warship designs, from the ironclad Petr Veliki (Peter the Great) of 1877 of the Imperial Russian Navy to the nuclear powered rocket cruiser (RKR) Petr Veliki of the modern Russian Navy. The unique warship designs of all eras of the Russian Navy from the Tsar's warships of the Russo-Japanese War, through the warships of the Soviet Navy, to the sleek designs of today's Russian Navy are modeled by Combrig. The company name Combrig comes from the rank of Commander of Brigade from the Red Army of 1930-1940. The logo reflects collar tab and star found on the uniform of a Commander of a Brigade of that period. This page will be updated with new products and photos of existing products on a frequent basis. Combrig models are made of resin, not styrene plastic, and are for the relatively experienced modeler.

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Combrig Warship Dealers
Combrig warship models are not available directly from Combrig. Please contact one of the following fine companies that carry the Combrig warship model line. If you have a problem with your Combrig kit, please contact the dealer from whom it was purchased and the company will be notified of the problem through that dealer.
Baumann, Inc.
13-12, Daita 3 chome, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 155-0033 JAPAN

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Falcon Supplies, Hong Kong

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NKR Models, Australia

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Pacific Front Hobbies
P.O. Box 2098
Roseburg OR 97470 USA
Phone: 541-464-8579
FAX: 541-957-5477

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NNT Modell & Buch Versand
Schweizerblick 25
D-79713 Bad Säckingen / Harpolingen, Germany
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