Corsair Armada Productions

1/700 scale Resin Waterline Kits
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CAP-7001 USN Detroit (CL-8) (1945) $60.00 click to see review
CAP-7002 USN Whipple (FF-1062) (Knox Class Frigate) $35.00 Whipple
CAP-7003 USN Floating Drydock (ARD-2 Class) $50.00 (limited reissue)
CAP-7004 USN Louisville (CA-28) (1944) (w/ brass from Tom's Modelworks) OOP (Discontinued - Replaced by CAP-7016)
CAP-7005 USN Phoenix (CL-46) / Honolulu (CL-48) (1941-42) $60.00 click to see review
CAP-7006 USN Northampton (CA-26) (1942) $60.00
CAP-7007 USN Garcia Class Frigate $35.00
CAP-7008 USN Chicago (CA-29) (1942) (w/ brass from Tom's Modelworks) $60.00 click to see review
CAP-7009 USN CV Ranger (CV-4) (limited reissue) $125.00
CAP-7010 USN Vestal (AR-4) (Repair Ship) $60.00 click to see review
CAP-7011 USN Wasp (CV-7) (w/ brass) $150.00 click to see review
CAP-7012 USN Hoga (Harbor Tug) $7.50 click to see review
CAP-7013 USN Vireo (AM-52/AT-144) (resin w/ brass) $25.00 Vireo
CAP-7014 USN Houston (CA-30) (1942) $60.00 click to see review
CAP-7015 USN Medusa (AR-1) (1941) (Repair Ship) $65.00 click to see review
CAP-7016 USN Louisville (CA-28) (1944) (w/ brass from Tom's Modelworks) (Newly revised) $65.00

Resin and Photo Etch Accessories
A-01 1/700 US Navy 5"/25 Guns (9 w/ reloader) $5.00
A-02 1/700 US Navy 5"/ 38 Guns (9 w/ reloader) $5.00
PE7001  1/700 20 mm gun set $5.00 click to see review
PE-7002 1/700 Open doors and hatches $5.00 Doors and hatches
CAP350-001 5"/38 Cal. DP Gun Mounts (w/ brass) $12.00 Corsair Armada product review
CAP350-002 Generic chocks, open & closed  $5.00 Chocks

1/350 Resin Aircraft
AC350-001 A-4 Skyhawk (four planes per set) $15.00 A-4
AC350-002 H-34/HSS-2 Choctaw (two helicopters per set) $7.50 H-34
AC350-003 CH-46 (two helicopters per set) $7.50 CH-46
AC350-004 F9F Panther (four planes per set) $15.00
AC350-005 F-8E Crusader (fighter) (four planes per set) $15.00
AC350-006 RF-8 Crusader (recon) (two planes per set) $7.50
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Corsair Armada Kits are available from the following retailers:

Pacific Front Hobbies, NNT, WEM, FleetNet, Resinship Taobao (China), and Warship Hobbies.