May 01 Update

May opens up the traditional summer season on the Atlantic, and with it a return to crossings and a departure from winter cruising. As we look to the Atlantic this "summer" of 2004, we see for the first time in decades the introduction of a new certified, pedigreed, Ocean Liner emerging in a world of lesser cruise ships. Though enthusiasts may debate the merits of the new Queen Mary 2, as they have each of her predecessors, few will deny that she represents a genuine rebirth in Atlantic travel and that her bloodline is rich with tradition. May she sail proudly across the Atlantic throughout the next 40 years as her sponsors have designed.

A ship like the QM2 which by her very design stimulates the imagination is a boom to ocean liner enthusiasts and model builders alike. Perhaps the last time we saw such excitement was in 1997. While that period sparked the interest in the past, the QM2 heralds a new era while paying homage to those who sailed before her.

As most site visitors are aware, we anticipate the release of not one but two new state of the art model kits of this great ship before the end of the year. We at the Debris Field look forward to these releases with great anticipation, and relish the chance to help document the ship and the kits. Perhaps in some way we might all come to know the new vessel a little better through our combined research and opinions of her.

This month, please join us in welcoming the Queen Mary 2 to the Atlantic, and into our hearts.


Highlights of the April Update include:

New to the Kit Review Page:

1:130 Eastern Express Group Shell Welder by Mike Ristuccia's

1:350 Gunze Sangyo Lusitania by Harry Vacheresse's

1:400 Glencoe United States by Mike Pell

1:600 Airfix Canberra by Mike Pell

1:700 Hasagawa Hikawamaru by Thomas Richter


New to the Gallery Page:

Onno Heesbeen's 1:1200 scratchbuilt Q3

Don Stoltenberg's Revell / Gunze Sangyo / Airfix QE2 in three scales: 1:1200, 1:450, 1:600

Thomas Ritcher’s 1:200 Avenir (member’s work in progress)

Felix Bustelo's 1:350 Iron Shipwright Russel 9 tug and scratch-built barge

Thomas Richter's 1:400 Glencoe United States

Pete Hodges's 1:600 Revell Brasil / Volendam

Thomas Richter's Hasegawa 1:700 Hikawamaru


New to the Researchers & Modelers Page:

Thomas Ritcher / Germany


New to the Resources Page:

QM2 in NYC Photographs


We would like to again remind our members and guest contributors that the deadline for submissions (for the June 01 update) is May 15. We encourage our members and guests to submit ‘how-to’ articles, book reviews, kit reviews, etc., and we welcome your ‘Personal Profiles’ as well!

SCRM (Scott, Chris, Robert and Mike)