Michael Cook / Debris Field Co-Webmaster

Moncton, New Brunswick / Canada

Occupation: Graphic Artist


I grew up in the tiny town of Dalhousie, located on the northernmost tip of the province of New Brunswick, in eastern Canada. In better times, the town was a busy sea port, with many vessels coming into Dalhousie every week. This is where my love of ships came from; I recall biking down to the piers to watch them arrive. Then my father told me stories about the Titanic, and my love for ocean liners took off from there; I wanted to know everything I could about them. Model kits were available then in just about every downtown store, so in my youth they were cheap, and I would build them for the sheer fun of it, like one would do with Lego. I always wondered why there was no great selection of ocean liner kits, but this was well before the revelations of world economics came into my young mind.

In the early 1980's, well before Jack and Rose flew on the bow, my fascination with the Titanic motivated me to go "all out" and attempt a scratch built model of the ship, of course in my zest I picked a really grand scale of 1:144 for my first big model, not realizing what I was getting myself into! Though Titanic didn't have enough lifeboats, they sure seemed a lot when one had to think about scratch building them all at 1:144 scale, including the davits! Plus those ever important ventilators and motors. In those early days research wasn't too easy in a small town with a library that contained a single, well worn copy of Walter Lord's Night to Remember, and in a pre-internet world, I had a 1:350 Entex kit and a few Titanic images to go by, and as of today, that big 1:144 Titanic model is still one to "get finished" one day. When the internet became a common thing, it was a great help for me in my quest for more information on ocean liners, and I realized that there were other wonderful people out there who had this strange fascinating ocean liner hobby, just like myself. I also have a love for transportation in general, and architecture.

If you have any model related questions, I can be contacted at: e1h2w7@hotmail.com


Michael - 10/03