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About Us

Welcome to ‘About Us’! This page provides a brief overview of the ‘revived DF’. As noted in our Webmaster’s Message, during the process of reviving the DF difficult choices had to be made in determining those features requiring ‘upgrades’ or, unfortunately (for at least the time being), those receiving ‘inactive status’. Realizing the DF could not be everything to everyone, we have strived to achieve a balance representing the best the DF could be to the majority of interests. Although some may take issue with the decisions made, we did so with the honest belief that the overall best interests of the DF would be served.

Detailed below are many of the key features of the former DF, with a discussion of the present status of each. We trust, by providing this overview, DF users will gain an appreciation of the ‘new direction’ we envision, and the reasons behind the difficult decisions we had to make.

We would like to note that features underlined now appear as separate DF pages that, in alphabetical order, follow this, the ‘About Us’ page.

Articles: The DF welcomes the submission of, for posting consideration, research and modeling articles, in particular the informative and instructional ‘How To’. We emphasize that articles are to be focused on topics relating to research and modeling, not academic thesis studies or articles that rehash a particular ship’s history. The DF will not consider, for posting, copyrighted articles that appear, in print or electronic form, elsewhere. This includes articles that are presently posted on other modeling websites, to which we will provide a ‘link’ if the interest in the particular subject warrants.

Artwork: The most difficult decision we had to make, as DF webmasters, is the suspension of the ‘Artwork’ page. Although we support the continued development, and expression, of individual talents, limited web space disallows us, regrettably, to maintain the vast collection of the former DF ‘Art Gallery’. However, the DF will be more than pleased to ‘link’ individual’s personal artwork web pages. Being a website dedicated to merchant / special purpose ship research and modeling, we have established a new feature (under ‘Resources’) titled: Detail Sketches, for the posting of sketches detailing optional corrective measures to kits / kit parts, or in the aid of scratchbuilding. These sketches will be ‘project specific’, rather than ‘general topic’, in nature.

Book / Video Reviews: After evaluation we have concluded that reproducing the cover of practically every ship / liner book, and video, to be of limited instructional value. An on-line search, or a visit to the local library, will reveal much more practical information than we can possibly hope to provide. However, the DF will continue to welcome contributor’s ‘book reviews’, provided the review’s focus is the relative value, as aids to research and modeling, of a particular ship, or related nautical subject. These can be found as a sidebar of the ‘Resource’ page. In addition, we will be providing ‘links’ to established ‘book brokers’, from whom we have had favorable experience, where used and rare / out-of-print publications may be available.

Copyright: Clarification, with regards to ‘ownership’, is required. Submitted material to the DF will remain the property of the contributor. Submission to the DF grants permission to others to make copies for personal use, without charge. Copies of submitted material may be distributed freely to others, either in print or electronic form, provided no fee is charged at the source for distribution. It should be noted that the DF reserves the right to refuse submissions that, in the opinion of the webmasters, represents copyright infringement. When in doubt we will request verification from the contributor.

Debris Field: While maintaining the ever-popular name, we have adapted a new look. Given our ‘Mission Statement’, we would like to consider ‘DF’ to represent the typical clutter of scraps and parts that constitutes a modeler’s workbench, not one particular liner (or block-buster movie). We hope all will agree with this ‘fresh approach’, and the reasons behind the change.

Deck Plans: Although deck plans of favorite ships can be the ‘nirvana’ to most modelers, the DF can not post copyrighted plans scanned from books, or obtained from other copyrighted sources. For the benefit of those requiring plans, the DF will strive to provide a comprehensive list of resources from which copies of deck plans, and other model builder’s plans, may be ordered. This will be found on the ‘Resources’ page. One excellent source of existing plans are members of our own fraternity, thus we encourage others, who fortunately have, to share their private collections, upon request (and within reason). Whether the provider does so with, or without charge, is a personal decision; however, it should be noted that researchers and modelers, requesting such information from another, might expect a nominal charge to cover reproduction and shipping. All things considered, this is only fair. We (the webmasters) have enjoyed much satisfaction via the ‘barter system’ exchange of information between ourselves, and other DF regulars.

Editorials:New to the DF, this page will feature ‘Monthly Editorials’ on any subject relating to research and modeling. All DF users are invited to submit an ‘editorial, for review and selection. We consider this to be the ‘fun / lighter side’ page, as we all have an interesting story, or two, to share. Please visit the ‘Editorials’ page for additional information.

FAQ: Experience has proven that, as sure as the sun rises each morning, certain questions are guaranteed to resurface on a regular basis. The DF will provide, to the best of our knowledge, information in response to frequently asked questions. Consider this to be your first source of information, prior to posting on the Message Forum.

Features: Rather than provide a separate page for each, the ‘Features Page’ will present a collection of general interest categories, such as Surveys, Contests (possibly), etc. We suspect the list of features will grow, in step with the growth of the DF.

Kit List / Kit Reviews: Given the relative importance ‘kit information’ is to modelers, the DF now features this as a separate page, which will be (in the future) organized as two features: Kit Lists and Kit Reviews. Kit Lists, will provide, by continuous updating, a comprehensive list of ship kits (plastic, resin and card), their scale, manufacturer and availability. As for Kit Reviews, the DF has archived many excellent ‘user / modeler’ reviews, which will be re-posted, subject to revision to reflect current kit status. The DF will continue to welcome ‘user / modeler’ kit reviews, provided that such are not of products received ‘free of charge’ from manufacturers for the purpose of testing and review. This will eliminate any perception of bias on the part of the reviewer, and ‘product endorsement’ on behalf of the DF.

Liner Memorabilia: As interesting as baggage tags, menus, key-chains, souvenir plates, coins, etc., may be to the collector, website limitations does not allow for the continued posting of photographs of these items on the DF.

Links: The best source of ship and modeling information is perhaps that which has already been collected, and archived, on other websites. The TRMA, for Titanic and her sisters, immediately comes to mind. We encourage all to make use of such resources to the full extent that is permitted, as the DF can not hope, or will attempt, to amass the vast amount of information that can be readily accessed elsewhere. We will be providing ‘Links’ to ‘sister websites’ that, in our opinion (or yours), provides valuable research and modeling information. This page will be upgraded on a continuous basis, as new sites are discovered. If you can suggest such a site, please let us know.

Message Forum: Perhaps the most interesting, and informative, feature of the DF is the Message Forum. Although we acknowledge to officially regulate ‘individual behavior, manners and etiquette’ on the Forum is next to impossible, the webmasters do reserve the right to dismiss any posted message that is deemed to be offensive and / or inappropriate. To make the Forum more user-friendly and enjoyable to all, we draw your attention to the following ‘considerations’:

Anonymous postings are discouraged. In the past anonymous postings, more often than not, tended to be the deliberate intention to ‘stir up trouble’, thus in the future such displays of immaturity, and lack of respect for others, will be dealt with accordingly. If you feel you have something important to contribute, please identify yourself for the benefit of those who wish to respond.

We encourage message posters to provide their direct email address, in order to receive responses that may be too ‘comprehensive’ for ‘public posting’. Posters requesting specific, and detailed, information should be willing to receive such information privately, to avoid unnecessary ‘congestion’ on the Message Forum proper.

The Forum exists for the posting of topics related to ship research and modeling, only. Non-related topics, especially ‘flame-war’ messages, involving issues such as politics and religion, or whatever, may be removed from the Forum at the discretion of the webmasters, without question or notice. Furthermore, repeat contributors of ‘offensive / insulting / nuisance’ posts may be subject to being ‘electronically blocked’ from posting future messages. Think before you post, and if in doubt, do not.

Although the DF was originally ‘Made in Canada’, the new DF displays no flag. Truly international, it (rightfully so) claims no political or ideological affiliations with any one nation. With this in mind, we kindly ask all posters to respect the cultural diversity of the DF, and its users, by refraining from posting messages that ‘blesses one’ and ‘condemns another’, regardless of present, or past, historical events.

We discourage ‘comparative’ debates such as: ‘Which website is better? Which should we support?’ As all websites cater to a particular clientele, not all expectations will be fully satisfied by any one alone. We hope to maintain a loyal following, satisfying as many ‘collective’ needs and interests as possible. However, the choice to support us is yours to make. We will not beg anyone to ‘stay’ upon the threat of ‘leaving’. Past attempts to create ‘revolt from within’, on the DF and other Forums, has been largely unsuccessful, not to mention counter-productive.

For general information on a particular ship we encourage DF users to first conduct a ‘websearch’, or check out the many ‘links’ we have provided. The information out there, available for immediate access, is vast. Thus, a blanket request for ‘Information on Lusitania’, for example, is bound to result in a flood of ‘off-the-shelf’ information, most too broad in scope for specific modeling needs. Requests for ‘specific’ information are more likely to result in favorable, and useful, results.

Model Gallery: The Gallery provides an excellent venue for the display of individual modeler’s work and the sharing of the process involved. For the display of nautical subjects only, the Model Gallery will continue to welcome submissions, regardless of modeler’s age or skill level. Given the broad scope of projects that can possibly be represented, the DF Gallery is organized into two categories: Assembly Kits (which includes plastic, resin and card), and Scratchbuild. Furthermore, as the number of submissions grows each category will be again divided into two factions: Completed, and In-Progress (rather than have ‘progress photographs’ posted on the Message Forum). The primary purpose of model contributions is, of course, to be useful; to help and inspire other modelers, whom in turn can help and inspire you. Please ask yourself if your contribution can meet these criteria before submitting. Please be your own judge. In the Gallery ship subjects will be presented alphabetically, and in fairness to all, submissions will be limited to a maximum number of six (6) photographs, per subject. Maximum photograph size to be 500 pixels wide.

Although the DF has archived a vast collection of models, rather than carry-over all that has been previously submitted, we invite former contributors to review their respective submissions and resubmit in accordance with the DF’s revised ‘criteria’. For the benefit of those who did not save a copy of their previous submissions, we will be more than pleased to email back, upon request. Submissions not specifically requested to be re-submitted will not be.

Pictures / Postcards: The expansive growth of the ‘www’ in recent years, and in particular the number of ‘ship / liner’ websites, has virtually eliminated the need for the DF to continue to permanently post the vast collection of photographs and postcards it has in the past, most of which were scanned from well known, and readily available, publications. Again we encourage other DF users to make available to others, upon request, copies of elusive ‘lesser known’ photographs to aid one’s individual research and modeling projects. Many of us have been doing this for some time, without official encouragement to do so. However, the new ‘Liner – ID’ sidebar of the ‘Features’ page, will welcome the posting of rare, unique and / or unidentifiable photographs and postcards, for discussion.

Products: As the DF does not accept advertising, it will not offer ‘product endorsements’. However, the DF will continue to provide ‘user experience’ information, both the pros and cons, regarding the better known (and lesser known) modeling products that are presently available. For modelers requiring detailed information on the ever-popular after-market products, we will be providing a ‘link’ rather than a comprehensive review of supplier’s offerings, suitability, price, etc.

Researchers / Modelers: We have felt the need to change the definition of this page to include those, whose primary interest and activity, may be research in support of modeling. Rather than carry-over all that has been previously posted on the DF, we have concluded it best to begin anew. Not only is it interesting to ‘know’ our fellow researchers and modelers, their particular interests and experiences, it also provides the opportunity for contributors to share the extent of their resources. We will provide a new questionnaire, which will be sent, upon request, to those who wish to contribute their ‘profile’ to this page.

Resources: The DF will strive to provide a continuously updated / comprehensive list of resources specific to ship research and modeling projects; i.e.: where to find deck plans, photographs, book / video reviews, guides for working with resin and P/E components, paint conversion charts, rare / unique photographs and detail sketches, etc. To achieve this, we will require (and welcome) your input.

Submissions: Submissions to the DF can only be received electronically. Thus, all submissions must include a return email address in the event we have to contact you. The webmasters will review all submissions for clarity and / or appropriateness, and reserve the right to dismiss any that, in our collective opinion, does not serve the general interests of ship research and modeling. Submissions to the DF imply acceptance of our copyright policy. The webmasters regret that it can not consider, for posting, submissions that appear on another website (we will gladly ‘link’), and can not offer compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for posting.

Surveys: From time to time we will be conducting ‘user surveys’, on various topics. Not only do these surveys provide you, the user, the opportunity to voice your opinion, it also provides to us, the webmasters, a periodic performance review of the DF overall. These will be found as a sidebar on the ‘Features’ page ~ stay tuned!

Transportation Nation: The webmasters regret, that owing to limited webspace, the ‘TN’ will not be revived at this time. This situation will be subject to periodic review.

Updates: In order to allow the webmasters the opportunity to thoroughly review submissions, thus providing more comprehensive site updates, the DF will be updated on a ‘monthly’ basis. The cut-off date for submissions for any ‘up-coming’ update will be the 15th of the preceding month. Submissions received after the 15th will be considered for the following month’s update. Please refer to the ‘Update’ page for additional information on how to submit material to the DF.

Wrecking Yard:Formally known as the Parter Box, this page will provide DF users the opportunity to offer unwanted and un-needed research and modeling items to others, for either sale or exchange. We encourage DF users to offer their surplus items to members of our fraternity first, before offering to the general public on ebay, or any other auction-house. To avoid a ‘bidding-war’, a firm asking price should be established at the time of posting, or the willingness to exchange for items of equal value. We do request that ‘sale negotiations’ be conducted via private emails, not on the Message Forum. It needs also to be noted that the webmasters will not become ‘3rd party arbitrators’, in the event of failed or unfulfilled private transactions, for goods and / or services.

This concludes the ‘About Us’ page. We invite all to explore the many features the Debris Field now has to offer. For general enquires, comments and suggestions we can be reached at: Enjoy!