Alberto Montes

Santander / Spain

Occupation: Sales Manager


I live in Santander, North of Spain, a very beautiful town on the Cantabrico Sea, with a wonderful bay and a history in shipping between the kingdom of Spain and their colonies, especially in the Caribbean, the Philippines and the Marianas in the Pacific.

I became interested in ships since a very young age. My family has a connection with merchant shipping and the Navy so it was natural and easy to me to find information through books, magazines, etc about ships. I first built a plastic model of the Airfix Corvette when I was seven, and focused my interest in warships and aircraft until the Airfix Mauretania became available to me. Then I became interested in ocean liners. The Mauritania was followed by the France, Queen Mary, etc. All have been built. One day I saw a British magazine (Ships of the World) at home about ships, and I discovered the Normandie. I was 14, and I fell in love!

I have a large collection of ships, more than 200: liners, merchant vessels, warships, etc. Also, I really love Zeppelins, this kind on ocean liners of the skies of which I also have several. Another of my passions is cars, two in particular: the JAGUAR and the MASERATI. I have many books and some plans / cut-aways. If someone is interesting in something, and if I have it, I will be delighted to share.


AM ~ 11 / 03