December 01 Update:

It has been an interesting month! Although not all the DF ‘pages’ have been ‘activated’, we are working towards achieving this goal by the beginning of 2004. As can be appreciated, maintaining the DF is an on-going commitment involving the time and efforts of all members of the ‘webmaster team’. It is quite the task! We like to acknowledge, and thank, all those who contributed material to the DF during the month of October, as noted in our monthly update below ~ we hope you enjoy the fine work submitted to the DF for the benefit of all! Highlights of the December Update include:


NEW to the Articles Page:

‘Scratch Building a Hull – Part 1’ by Onno Heesbeen

‘The Importance of Research’ by Arjay


New to the Kit Review Page:

Heller’s 1:200 AVENIR by Thomas Richter


New to the Researchers / Modelers Page the following profiles:

Onno Heesbeen / Netherlands

Alberto Montes / Spain

Mike Ristuccia / Australia

Don Stoltenberg / USA


New to the Resources Page:

Don Stoltenberg’s QE2 photographs ~ 1969


Coming Soon ~ Onno Heesbeen’s ‘How-To’ Scratch Build Tutorial ~ Part 2

Due to the upcoming holiday season, the January 01 update may be a day or two late. We would like to remind our contributors that the deadline for submissions (for the January 01 update) is December 15.


SCRM (Scott, Chris, Robert and Mike)