January 01 Update:


Happy New Year to all! As can be expected the month of December was a busy one for all, somewhat shortened by the Holidays. Behind the scenes, collectively, we have been working towards activating all remaining ‘feature pages’, and we hope that this will be realized in early 2004, in addition to other exciting DF events and offerings. So stay tuned! Highlights of the January Update include:


New to the Editorials Page:

‘Restoring the Faith’ by Christian Schonberger


New to the Features Page:

Book Review: America / Westpoint / Australis by Arjay


New to the Kit Review Page:

Revell’s 1:300 Meteor Review by Mike Cook


New to the Gallery Page:

1:700 Bremen by Don Stoltenberg

1:200 SMIT Rotterdam by Dave Ashcroft

1: 700 Sunflowers (Japanese car ferries) by Atle Ellefsen


Coming Soon ~ Onno Heesbeen’s ‘How-To’ Scratch Build Tutorial ~ Part 2


We would like to acknowledge, and thank, all those who contributed material to the DF during the month of December. We would like to remind our contributors that the deadline for submissions (for the February 01 update) is January 15.



SCRM (Scott, Chris, Robert and Mike)