Jon Archibald

Peterborough, Ontario / Canada

Occupation: Physician



I am 40 years old, and live in eastern Ontario, Canada. I am married, no kids, but we have a number of cats, rabbits, and cockatiels. I work as a GP at a couple clinics part time, as well as a week straight a month as a "hospitalist" (i.e., looking after admitted patients).

All my life I have loved trains, planes, and ships, ocean liners mainly, and not necessarily in that order. As a pre-teen I went through the Airfix liners, the Revell QM, and lost them all along the way. I recently finished the Entex 1:350 Lusitania, having started it 20 years ago.

I was fortunate enough to live many years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where is located the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. If you are ever there you might find interesting the numerous Cunard and White Star artifacts, including original first class wood panels, a newel post, and a deck chair from the Titanic, brought to shore by ships sent out for bodies. There is also the wooden and brass wheel from the Aquitania, donated to the people of Halifax (hometown of Samuel Cunard) by the Cunard line in 1950.

Right now I have, again, the Airfix QE and Mauretania, and Revell QM all underway, but I'm going to do them up right, using Russell Wild's papercals, and White Ensign Design's railing and davit kits.

I enjoy this resurgence of The Debris Field, where we can again post our photos and knowledge, and share the same from others.


JA ~ 01/04